What is "You Give Back, We Give Thanks?"

Huntsville Young Professionals has come up with a brand new program, unique to the non-profit, geared towards connecting those HYP members especially interested in giving back to the Huntsville/ Madison community.  "You Give Back, We Give Thanks" is a way for our volunteer-loving members to be recognized as the awesome individuals they are for donating their time and efforts at HYP volunteering opportunities, big and small, throughout the year!  

How does the program work?

It takes little effort from members: at a member's first volunteering event, he/she will receive a "You Give Back, We Give Thanks" punch card from one of the serving members of the Board of Directors and receive their first punch, recognizing that that member held a volunteer position.  Every time members volunteer, they will receive another punch on their card until every space is filled.  At the end of the year, Huntsville Young Professionals will sponsor a Volunteer Appreciation Night exclusive to the HYP members who have worked to fill their volunteer punch card. There will also be benefits for partial cards and other benefits throughout the year!

...But, seriously, why?

These events are to recognize the amazing contributions members have made to HYP and the Huntsville/ Madison  community, and to connect our generous YPs to each other.  And of course, to have some fun after putting in so much hard work throughout the year!

Know of an organization or event that could use our support?

Please take the time to tell us a little more about your idea by filling out this FORM.  
Please note that we reserve the right to accept / decline any offers.

Other questions? Contact us at HuntsvilleYP@gmail.com