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Doubles Disc Golf Tournament

  • Brahan Springs Disc Golf Course 2901 Southwest 1st Street Huntsville, AL, 35805 United States (map)
Join the Facebook event here:

Join the Facebook event here:

Join HYP on Sunday, July 24th for a Doubles "Best Shot" Disc Golf Tournament at Brahan Springs disc golf course.  

The entry fee is only $5 per person with two divisions. "Just for Fun" is the less competitive division for teams with less experience.  The competitive division is meant for those with more experience.   If you don't have a partner, we can help place you with a partner at the event.   We are also selling mulligans at $1 per redo (up to 5 Mulligans per person). 

Prizes will be gift cards to different places around town (breweries, restaurants, etc). Specific amounts and quantities will be determined by how many people enter to play.  

Register for the tournament here:

Rules for "Best Shot" Doubles


- Partners each may throw a tee shot.
- One partner does have the option of forfeiting their turn, but should announce those intentions to the group in such an instance. (example: first drive is beyond partner’s capabilities to match or better).
- In the event of an ace (hole in one) by the first thrower, his/her partner may not throw. 


- Partners choose the “best” drive between their two and both players throw their next shot from that lie. This process is repeated on every shot made by the team until holed out.
- A lie from which the disc is picked up with no mark is forfeited. Be sure to locate and ascertain both discs’ status (in-bounds/out-of-bounds, etc) before picking up one or the other.
- Normal marking and stance rules apply: leave the thrown disc on the ground as is or mark with a mini marker disc or other item. 
- Piece of advice: the “longest” shot is not always the “best” shot. Be sure to evaluate both lies before choosing.


- To be holed out, a player, from a legal stance, must release the disc so that it comes to rest supported by the basket or chains.
- Slapping chains or tapping the basket DOES NOT COUNT AS HOLING OUT.
- There are no “gimmes” in tournament play. Every hole must be completed through a legal hole out. 
- Once one partner holes out, the hole is complete for the team
- If the first partner holes out, the second partner does not throw.
- If the second partner holes out after the first misses, the first player’s disc is to be picked up and not played.
- Any such throws made subsequent to the team having holed out can be penalized as “practice throws” . 


- Scoring should be done at the next tee, and not no the green.  
- Each "best shot"picked between the two-players is considered one throw.  Do not count each person's throw towards the score- only count the "best shot". 
- The number of throws taken is what is recorded on the score card.
- The other team must verify your score card before the start of the next round.


- Mulligans allow a player to re-throw without being penalized a throw. Mulligans must be thrown from the original mark (see description of mark above). 
- Mulligans must be called/used before a "best shot" is picked for the next throw. 
- Mulligans can be used after both players have thrown for that shot meaning Player 1 can wait until after Player 2 has thrown before choosing to use their mulligan as long as neither of the original discs have been moved. 
- Mulligans cannot be used once the other team has started their throw. 

View the Brahan Springs Disc Golf map here:

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